E- journal Workshop

On 3rd to 4th of May 2016, we have arrange two-days workshop for Journal Editors. The workshop will offer hands-on opportunities to learn Open Journal Systems (OJS) publishing software. In that event, we invite the journal experts from Kemenristekdikti, Dr. Istadi ST, MT, Dr. Tole Sutikno, ST, MT and Dr. Lukman ST, MHum. The event is open to anyone interested in OJS, particularly journal managers and editors who provide support for OJS journals. The goal of workshop to ensure publishing process, providing the technical infrastructure not only for the online presentation of journal articles, but also an entire editorial management workflow.

The comprehensive 2-day program covered the entire publishing process of the online journal in today’s world. A host of topics were presented, including the responsibilities and roles of editors, authors, and reviewers; editorial independence and governance; the peer-review process; ethics in scientific publishing; developments in international journal publishing; copyright and intellectual-property rights;  open-access online publishing and indexing.

The values inherent in the research process depend on the possibilities that arise when others are able to use or even further the resulting information. Publishing has an important role in disseminating the information for science to progress, we need to publish. Today, Universitas Sriwijaya publish 75 Journal to help scholar and researchers publish their articles. However, only one journal qualifies as an international journal, named Computer Engineering and Application Journal and one journal qualifies as national journal accredited by Higher Education (DIKTI), named IndoMS-JME. Our mission continues to work for the entire journal in UNSRI is able to achieve accredited by Higher Education and indexed in major international databases such as SCOPUS. (SN)

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