Workshop of Citation and References Management

One of the important activities as a researcher is to conduct scientific publications. Doing citations to reference an integral part in scientific publications, due to “Citation”, is an important element in scientific article as state of the art of the research. However, collecting the references, read it, and put it into our manuscript takes a hard times. Oftentimes, author caught in the act of plagiarism is unintentional due to lack of caution in making a citation. Therefore, the existence of a software that serves as a tool in “citation and reference manager” is a necessity to identify the quality and authenticity every reference used.

The function of “citation and reference manager”, for helping the author to process documents owned references, grouping by topic/specific categories, as well as retrieving metadata contained in the document. It was the role of the reference manager software, which perform digitizing the reference collection, so that activities such as the management and the search can be easily done. Another function of the reference manager allows the author to find relevant literature, store reference and bibliographic information on the database, as well as help writing citations and references follow a certain format, such as APA, IEEE, etc. The reference database manager facilitate the search process, giving the index, as well as labeling.

They also provides functions for exporting citations and references to the word processing software. Users can also select a citation format which will be applied to the text, this function will be very helpful because users no longer need to memorize the format of writing the citation. All matters related to the format can be done automatically by the reference manager. Some even have a function to edit the citation format provided. Recent developments of the reference manager is very helpful in the management of reference author is Mendeley, EndNote and Zotero.

To solve the citation and reference management issues, Publication Management and Services (PMS) Universitas Sriwijaya will be conduct workshop Citation and Reference Tools with Mendeley. In that event, we will invite Dr. Deris Stiawan as Official Mendeley Advisor and it will be held on 1st of June 2016. This activity is a continuation from the workshop “Penulisan Artikel Ilmiah Bereputasi” has been conducted previously. Finally, through The Workshop of References Management is expected to enrich the knowledge of the authors from Universitas Sriwijaya to manage all citations related to the preparation of scientific article for publishing in reputable journal. (SN)

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