Academic Writing for Reputable Journal Advisory

Writing your research project become a scientific manuscript in a way that connects with other people in the world is essential if you want your results, methods and ideas to have meaning and to make a difference.

Would you like to:

  • Produce your writing greater clarity and impact?
  • Improve your confidence and ability as a writer?
  • Increase the number and citation rate of your publications?
  • Improve your chances of success in grant applications?

Publication Management and Services (PMS) Universitas Sriwjaya is now offering a suite of advisory process to help build that skills needed to write scientific manuscripts, to achieve desired outcomes and to guides for publishing in peer review journal.

The advisory process have several goals are,

  • Improve your scientific productivity
  • Increase your chances of having your manuscript accepted
  • Demystify the process of preparing and submitting manuscripts for publication
  • Discover what happens after you submit your paper
  • Learn about the trends in the world of scientific publishing that have an effect on future as a researcher.

We can work on a group project with the goal of submitting a manuscript for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. You will also have the opportunity to work on their own manuscripts. The advisory process covering all aspects of writing and publishing scientific articles.

After 3 days Workshop on Academic Writing for Reputable Journal on, 16 to 18 May 2016, and 1 day Workshop of Citation and Reference Management on, 1 June 2016, held by Publication Management and Services Universitas Sriwijaya. We are pleased to announce the Academic Writing for Reputable Journal Advisory. The Advisory is organized in coordination between Universitas Sriwijaya Publication Managament and Services and IEEE Indonesia Section CSS/RAS Joint Chapter. This activity is the last activity from a series of activities that are designed to help writers publish their manuscript to reputable journal.

The advisory is being conducted through from 7th June to 7th August 2016 where the paper registration period has been started from 15th May to 7th June 2016. Congratulations to the authors who have registered their papers in our system advisory. All author are listed below,

Paper ID Title First author
1570283586 Techno-Socio-Economics Analysis of Coal Briquettes for Melting Furnace in Indonesia Diah Pratiwi
1570283590 Integrating Stemming Algorithm & Term Frequency in Indonesian Text Summarization Muhammad Fachrurrozi
1570283600 Partial Characterization of Chitosanase from Digestive Tract of Snakehead Fish (Channa striata) Ace
1570283601 A new method for calculating the locality mean direction in a paleomagnetic fold test Dedi Setiabudidaya
1570283605 Synthesis and Characterization Schiff base Chitosan Fe3O4 and its Application as Antibacterial Nurlisa Hidayati
1570283606 to enhance the liquidity of indonesian corporate sukuk – islamic bonds Mohamad Adam
1570283608 Combination of Alkaline-Dilute Acid Pretreatment for The Production of Bioethanol from
Indonesian Rice
Novia Novia
1570283609 Wastewater of Songket Industrial Treatment in South Sumatera Indonesia using Activated Carbon- Fe3O4 Composite Poedji Loekitowati Hariani
1570283612 Genetic Characteristics of Swamp Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) from Pampangan, South Sumatra
Based on Blood Protein Profile
Yuanita Windusari
1570283616 A design model to improve teacher professionalism program: A case study of South Sumatera middle schools Umi Chotimah
1570283624 Human Rights Legal Analysis of Polygamy Practice in Indonesia Nurhidayatuloh Nurhidayatuloh
1570283626 The Evidences for Positive Correlation Between User Engagement and Succesful ITIL Sarifah Raflesia
1570283629 Revisit to the notion of environmental human rights in indonesian environmental laws Achmad
1570283632 Bag of Visual Word for Tiny Image ON Cifar-10 Image Dataset Anita Desiani
1570283633 Reconstruction of groundwater level fluctuation by using genetic algorithms and artificial neural network Azhar K Affandi
1570283638 Literacy Quality in Indonesian Language: Students’ Attitude, Interest, and Functional Reading Chuzaimah
1570283687 Nitrogen Removal by an Anammox Biofilm Column Reactor at Moderately Low Temperature Tuty Agustina
1570285447 Introgression of Sub-1 Gene to Selected Local Swamp Rice Genotypes by Marked Assisted
Backcross (MAB)*
Mery Hasmeda
1570288565 Identification of Glu298Asp polymorphism of eNOS gene in diabetic nephropathy patients of
Malay ethnicity at South Sumatra, Indonesia
Irsan Saleh
1570288688 Polymorphisms of the progesterone receptor gene in endometriosis patients from Malay population at South Sumatra, Indonesia Irsan Saleh

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