2nd Workshop of Academic Writing for Reputable Journal

As we said in our previous post that for most researchers, nothing will be more important than success in publishing their paper in reputable journal indexed by Thomson-Reuters and Scopus. In order to provide the researchers in UNSRI, PMS has successfully organized event such as workshop of academic writing for reputable journal and workshop for scientific writing: from research to manuscript. This August and early September, 30 August-1 September 2016, PMS will organize similar event which will provide comprehensive guidance for all lectures of UNSRI in publishing high quality of manuscript. The event will be titled Workshop on Academic Writing for Reputable Journal.
In this event, Ir.Endra Joelianto, Ph.D and Augie Widyotriatmo, Ph.D from IEEE Indonesian Section CSS/RAS Joint Chapter will be invited as advisors. They will conduct materials about processes along publication and best practices included strategy to get the manuscript published in Scopus/Thomson-Reuters Index.

The event contains the workshop, group discussion, one-on-one session in writing paper. All researchers who join the event will be intensively monitored by PMS and advisors for three months. By organizing this event, PMS hope that all researchers can gain the experience and reputation of study field. It also enables the researchers’ findings to get recognized by widest posibble audiences. Finally, because this event will bring advantages for UNSRI and lecturers, we invite all lectures of UNSRI to join this event.

You can register the event by click this, before submitting your registration please ensure that your manuscript draft is ready.

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