[Invitation] The Second Workshop of Research to Manuscript

Writing a research manuscript is difficult task to do. But the difficulties are aligned with the rewards. Eventhough, it is difficult, the researchers should write research manuscript because it is a good opportunity for researchers to share and communicate their ideas with other people around the world.

In order to produce well-written manuscript  the researchers should write the research manuscripts ethically and methodologically . The published manuscript should be accurate, well-structured, and enable the readers to understad what researchers try to show. Publishing is a great way to improve the practice and theories, get feedback, and provide a venue to develop and debate new ideas.

On November, Publication Management and Services (PMS) will organize the event for all researchers of Sriwijaya University(UNSRI). This event aims to guide all researchers of UNSRI to write well-written research manuscript. In this event, we are delighted to have the contriver of 4G technology for telecommunication, Dr.Eng Khoirul Anwar as guest speaker. This is such a great moment to hear from him about his experiences in doing research and conduct his research through reputable journal.

This event will provide all researchers of Unsri with best practices and techniques such as  stating problem, method, preparing the draft, presenting data figures, and tables, etc. In stating problem, the researchers must elaborate the points below:

  • What is the purpose of the study?
  • Why are you conducting the study?
  • what are previous researchers that relate to your current study? 

After stating the problem, researchers must describe what is the method to be used? This section responds to the question of how the problem was studied. It must also include a step-by-step protocol along with  information materials which are used along study, how the data was collected and interpreted should also be outlined in detail, including statistical information.

There are other things to be studied in order to create good manuscript. For example, writing results, conclusion, visualize data and figures, and also making citation. Therefore, we invite all researchers of Unsri to join the workshop for writing good research manuscript, on 4-5 November 2016, at Wisma Unsri Palembang.

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