[Event Review] The Second Workshop of Research to Manuscript

The second workshop of research to manuscript has been successfully held by PMS Unsri. A long list of participant from all faculties in UNSRI come and join passionately. We accommodated this event in order to bring same perspective about the importance of doing a research publication.

In UNSRI, there are big number of researchers, but the awareness to bring the research to the world does not align to the number. Moreover, PMS Unsri invited researchers whom familiar with writing and publishing research manuscript to share their experiences and knowledge. They are Marieska Verawaty, Ph.D., Aldes Lesbani, Ph.D., and Dr.Eng Khoirul Anwar. We are so lucky for having them as our speakers in this event.

Marieska Verawaty, Ph.D. said that one of the key success towards a good research manuscript is doing a literature review. Literature review defines as a process in making a report which is created by critical thinking towards information which is found in the related literature. This process provides basic theories for research which assist the author to speak the ideas.

Marieska said that researchers should refer the most recent references. This statement is also supported by Aldes Lesbani, Ph.D., as he said that we have to review the latest references because it shows the topicality of your research among other researchers.

IMG_4239Marieska Verawaty, Ph.D. as first session speaker

PMS Unsri focuses boosting the number of international publications of UNSRI. Aldes Lesbani, Ph.D. said that to get our publication published in the international journal, we must have passion with it first, we are also able to collect comprehensive data, and the most important is as researchers, we must provide an applicable result. It is also spoken by Dr.Eng Khoirul Anwar that the result must be repeatable or can be obtained.

IMG_4246Aldes Lesbani, Ph.D. shared his experience in publishing international publication on first day of event

Dr.Eng Khoirul Anwar as the patent owner of 4G technology has spread his idea to the world. He said that an invention without publication is like a tree collapsed in the forest, no body’s there, and the collapse of a tree in the forest will never be spoken. In this event, Khoirul shares the best practices to be a good author. The first best practice is an author has to write a good abstract because reviewers read abstract first. Abstract contains what did you do (include context), what was the results, why is it important, how would someone reproduce the results. The second best practice is an author must do proof-read his/her paper, get a friend to proof/read the paper or an author can do both before the submission. One unacceptable thing to be warned, authors must not submit material under review to a second publication.

IMG_0738Dr.Eng. Khoirul Anwar spoke for the second day of event

Finally, the event has been successfully done on 5 November 2016. We have uploaded  materials and images of event, we hope by organizing this event, the researchers who participate this event can contribute international publication for UNSRI, and also may  all participants can spread the scientific writing knowledge to all academia in UNSRI.

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