Upcoming Event: Workshop on E-Journal

Warm greeting from Publication Management and Services(PMS) Universitas Sriwijaya(Unsri) for all researchers around Badan Kerjasama (BKS) Perguruan Tinggi Nasional (PTN) of West Indonesia. PMS are delighted to announce a great event which will be held in Palembang, December 1 2016. This event aims to share whole knowledge about international indexed journal.

This event will invite Dr.Lukman, S.T., M.Hum., and Prof.Dr.Ir.Siti Nurmaini, M.Sc. as speakers. Dr.Lukman, S.T., M.Hum. Dr.Lukman, S.T.,M.Hum. will conduct the material about the responsibilities and roles of editors, authors, and reviewers; editorial independence and governance; the peer-review process; ethics in scientific publishing; developments in international journal publishing; copyright and intellectual-property rights;  open-access online publishing and indexing. Meanwhile, Prof.Dr.Ir.Siti Nurmaini, M.Sc., as head of PMS will share her experience about managing publication in Unsri and her experience as researchers of Unsri.

Moreover, this event will engage PMS team to introduce the use of scientific article writing tools such as  reference manager, plagiarism detector, grammar and vocabulary checker, etc.

Finally, as the date approaches, we hope the knowledge will be useful towards scientific article writing and researches of all researchers in BKS-PTN West Indonesia.

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