Performance of Publication Management and Services Universitas Sriwijaya

In academic publishing, a scientific article is a publication intended to further the progress of science. Consequently, Universitas Sriwijaya looks the publication important key towards the enhancement of University reputation. Publication Management and Services (PMS) of Universitas Sriwijaya (Unsri) has been successfully facilitating all lecturers of Universitas Sriwijaya to increase the performance of Publication in Unsri. In 2016, PMS has been held good and valuable events such as Academic Scientific Writing Workshop, Paraphrasing and Summarizing Workshop, Reference Manager Workshop, Scientific Writing Advisory, etc.

In the first year of PMS, PMS has been gathered all publications of Universitas Sriwijaya from 1975-2016. The report is arranged into the latest annual publication report of Universitas Sriwijaya. According to an auto alert from Scopus, at least there are ten papers contributed to Universitas Sriwijaya per month. This is an improvement of publication performance in Universitas Sriwijaya.


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