[Invitation] Academic Writing Workshop: Effective Technique for Better Scientific Manuscript

Nowadays, the expectation for conducting research result as a scientific manuscript has significantly increased. It is being a top topic in among academia, professionals, and researchers both in social and science (technology, engineering, etc) discipline.

In academia, either students or lecturers are highly expected to publish the results of their research work. Their work can be published in journals and or conference. The publication of journal papers or conference papers become one of key for research assessment. In fact, in Indonesia now it is highly required and must be done by academia especially by lecturers. Unfortunately, despite the standard for writing and publishing research papers, most of lecturers especially in our institution, Universitas Sriwijaya have different perspective about which one the most effective things to do. The lack of formal guidance has made writing a manuscript difficult. This situation is frustrating for our human resource to properly organize, structure their papers, and ensure the reputable journal acceptance.

It drives Publication Management and Services to conduct special workshop to ensure the alignment of perspective toward academic writing. The workshop is themed “Writing Research Papers: How to Write Research Paper Effectivelyā€¯. This event will provide internal lecturers with the valuable research guidance from a researcher whose h-index = 15, Rino R.Mukti. He is experienced for more than 10 years as researcher and teaching in higher education. To register, please fill the registration form. See you there!

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