[Event Review] Academic Writing Workshop: Effective Technique for Better Scientific Manuscript

Publication Management and Services (PMS) Universitas Sriwijaya has been successfully conducted a media to share knowledge for lecturers of Universitas Sriwijaya on 14-15 March 2017. This event has been engaged 40 registered participants from all faculties in Universitas Sriwijaya. All of them were passionately share their problem in writing publications. Indeed, they have received solution by well-experienced mentored, Dr.rer.nat. Rino R Mukti, Deris Stiawan, Ph.D., and PMS Team.

In the first day of event, Rino firstly spread the motivation towards publication writing. Moreover, he also shared his experienced in conducting his research via reputable journal. Rino said that he started his experience since he was at bachelor degree, it is about 10 years ago.  He also shared list things to know as basic knowledge in publishing reputable journal such as general information about indexes, how to choose journal, and things to be avoided.

The first session of event, Dr.rer.nat. Rino R Mukti spread list of basic things to know in publishing Reputable Journal

In second session, afternoon session,  Dr.rer.nat. Rino shared more specific information such as how to present data, ordering of writing,  and standard template of writing publication. He also shared information about things to do after submitting the paper to selected journal.  Such as how to politely track the paper progressing, withdraw a paper, and responding to editor’s notifications. All information which he provided will be so much useful for improving the publication especially for motivating the internal lecturers.

  Prof. Dr. Ir. Siti Nurmaini, M.T. as Head of PMS delivered speaker certificate to Dr. rer. nat. Rino R. Mukti.

 Participants of Academic Writing Workshop with Prof. Dr. Ir. Siti Nurmaini, M.T. and Dr.rer.nat. Rino R. Mukti

 The second day of event, Deris Stiawan, Ph.D. as Mendeley advisor completed the knowledge to share.  He provided a clinic to all participants to Mendeley as reference tool. By using Mendeley, participants can easily manage the references which are used to support the research. This tool is so much useful and it changes the old-fashioned way which is so much frustrating most of people, manually managing reference.

In the end, the workshop was closed and successfully conducted. By organizing this event, we hope that we can improve the quality of internal lecturers’ research manuscripts. Moreover, we hope all participants are able to share the knowledge which was gathered in this workshop to other lecturers who could not join the workshop and also to their students.

Finally, we thank you all so much, for workshop material, click here.

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