[Event Review] Advisory Program: Paraphrasing and Avoiding Plagiarism

The advisory program: Paraphrasing and Avoiding Plagiarism has been successfully conducted by Faizah Sari, Ph.D. on 20-21 March 2017. This event was engaged 10  selected lecturers from faculties of Universitas Sriwijaya. In this event, lecturers were required to bring their own paper and some references. It aims to align the original idea to ‘new sentence’.

In the first session, Faizah Sari, Ph.D. shares the basic points about the reasons to paraphrases the original passage. Moreover, she also explained about other alternatives to do besides paraphrasing, quoting and summarizing. She said that in some cases, we can not do paraphrasing, that is why she offered other options to do.

Faizah Sari, Ph.D. mentored participants one by one

In the second session, afternoon session, she provided one by one advisory approach. Every lecturer shared their own experiences and difficulties in making paraphrased ideas. They also discussed the Ithenticate report of their paper, and how to decrease the similarity.

All lecturers passionately discussed their papers and found that this advisory program helpful. The progress of lecturers’ papers will be monitored by PMS. It aims to ensure that the output of this program is obtained. We hope by providing this event, lecturers can improve the quality of publications and number of published papers.

Finally, we thank all participants and the mentor, Faizah Sari, Ph.D. so much. May the knowledge will bring good value to our institution, Universitas Sriwijaya.

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