[Invitation] Academic Writing Workshop: Key Success of Publishing Scientific Manuscript

Publication Management and Services (PMS) has another event in this March. The event is academic writing themed Key success of publishing scientific manuscript. This event will invite Nurly Ghofar, Ph.D as speaker. She is one of lectures from Nanyang University (NTU) Singapore. It is such a good opportunity for all lectures of Unsri to gather more knowledge from her. Therefore, we invite all of lectures to join this event.

In this event, Nurly Gofar will speak about the importance of publishing a paper to reputable journal. As we know that, publishing paper to reputable journal has been sounded by our government in the last decade. Nowadays, government has been massively pushed the lectures to have paper in indexed journal, Scopus and Thomson-Reuters. Towards the lack of standard for good journal, Indonesia Government simplified this issue by engaging Scopus and Thomson-Reuters as standard. There are pros and cons towards this rules.

In this event, our speaker will also motivate all lecturers and bring the alignment between government needs and the lectures’ perspective. Moreover, she will also spread all the key to get indexed, list to do, and things to avoid along the publication processes.

To register this event, please click this link. We are delighted to have you in our event!

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