[Event Review] Workshop of Scientific Writing: Key Success of Publishing Scientific Manuscript

Publication Management and Services has been successfully held a workshop of scientific writing which is themed key success of publishing scientific manuscript. This event invited Nurly Gofar, Ph.D. from Nanyang Technology University (NTU) Singapore as a speaker. This event took high attention by all lectures of Universitas Sriwijaya. They did not just take a change to gather knowledge about writing good manuscript, but also they take a chance to gather the experience from our speaker as an international researcher from one of the best university in Asia.

In this opportunity, Nurly Gofar Ph.D firstly shared the basic knowledge in writing well-written manuscript. She started with the motivation to write a reputable publication, the introduction of common terms in publication environment, and also about recent Indonesian government policy for writing publication.

According to Nurly Gofar, Ph.D. the most important part besides the title is abstract. It aims to attract the reader which means as authors, we have to pay more attention to this. Things to do in this part is: Keep it brief or concise. accurate and specific, strongly influence whether or not your manuscript is further considered. And one thing to be sure, abstract has to be set in one paragraph and contains 200 – 300 words without references.

As we mention on previous paragraph, one of important part in a scientific writing is abstract. Besides having a well-written abstract, authors must also pay attention on how to present an analysis and result. This is the part where we must “sell” the data and the findings. In this part too, we have to be clear on the points we want to convey to the reader.

This event has been successfully held by PMS team. It engaged 30 lectures from all faculties in Universitas Sriwijaya. We hope by helding this event, all the lecturers who attended the event can get better knowledge about scientific writing for academic purpose. Moreover, we also hope that all the participants can spread the gathered knowledge to other lecturers and students.

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