Clinic on Reputable Journal Management

Journal submission is now having big importance in higher education level. It drives the form of journals publication services in every levels, Local and international. In Sriwijaya University (UNSRI), thereare more than 50’s journals publication services which are managed by faculties of Unsri. In order to support them, Publication Management and Services (PMS) UNSRI invited speakers (Tole Sutikno, Ph.D, Prof. Prof. Dr. Ir. Komang G. Wiryawan, and Dr. Iman Rusmana) who are having advance knowledge and experience in managing reputable journal to the event titled the Clinic on Journal Management.

The participants from all faculties of Unsri

The Clinic on Journal Management was being held on 24-27 July 2017 at Wisma Unsri Palembang. The participants are the editor-in chief, managing editor, and open journal system(OJS) operator. The first day of the event was handled by Tole Sutikno, Ph.D. He has been success to deliver six journals that he manages to get scopus indexed. He is also being known as one of national journal accreditation assessors. In this first day of event contained 2 sessions. In the first session, he elaborated about the strategy to get accredited. Moreover, the second session he revealed the strategy about how get our journals indexed in Scopus.

Dr. Tole Sutikno with all participants

On the second day, we had Dr. Iman Rusmana as mentored. He is commonly known among researchers as the one of editor of Journal Hayati from Bogor Agricultural Institute. Iman Rusmana who has been handled the Hayati Journal since 2008, shared the long road of journey to well-reputable journal indexation. He said the keys are hard work and being consistent.

All participants from all faculties of Unsri with Dr. Iman Rusmana

On the third day, chief editor of Journal Peternakan, Prof. Dr.Komang G Wiryawan, delivered the material about the guidance towards the reputable journal indexation that can increase the reputation of his campus. But, he pointed the point to the key of success, it is taking all team members to work together.

Prof. Komang with all participants

The same thing which was being well-said by the three mentors are that all stakeholders must work together to bring the journal to next level, international indexation. Moreover, they agree that one of the key for success is commitment.

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