Event Review: Clinic on Writing Reference Book

Writing a book reference is challenging activity for academia. According to Thesaurus.com, reference book is a book containing useful facts or specially organized information, as an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, yearbook, etc. This may also contain the journey of research and obviously can be used as helpful sources for supporting research and learning. Pertaining the importance of writing book, Publication and Management Services (PMS) Universitas Sriwijaya invited Dr.Eng Wisnu Jatmiko. He is well-expertize in doing research and presenting research as book reference. In 2015, HABIBIE CENTER has awarded him as one of the winners of Habibie Award in the engineering category. During 2009- 2016, he got 25 Grants and 100 international publications that are mostly indexed in Scopus and Google Scholar, 11 books, and 8 copyrights.

Dr. Eng Wisnu Jatmiko donated his reference books to Universitas Sriwijaya

In the first paragraph, the definition of reference book has been defined. But according to the regulation No. 20, 2017 of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, the reference book is defined as a book which its substance of discussion is in the writer’s competency area. Moreover, Wisnu Jatmiko spread the information that the book must be original ideas or research. This criterion differentiates the reference books and textbooks. ISBN must be added and published by University or research publishers.

The participants with Dr. Eng Wisnu Jatmiko, Prof. Dr. Ir. Siti Nurmaini, M.T, and Firdaus, M.Kom (PMS team)

Photo session part 2, participants, Dr.Eng Wisnu Jatmiko, and Prof. Dr. Ir. Siti Nurmaini, M.T. (head of PMS)

This event was successfully engaged 35 participants from all faculties in Universitas Sriwijaya. According to the questionnaire, the participants agreed that this event brought values and shareable among academia in Universitas Sriwijaya. Besides having the technical material, Wisnu Jatmiko also shared his moral stories in writing reference books. It is aligned in writing the scientific paper, he said that as a writer, we have to avoid plagiarism, quoting without references, fake data, and manipulating data. He said that the keys for successful career are honesty, hard work, and open-minded.

Finally, we would like to thank all participants, the speaker, and PMS Team. See you all in the other valuable events! For the clinic material, click here!


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