Conference Management Workshop: Gain in depth-knowledge in Managing Reputable Conference

The Scientific conference aims to facilitate researchers to present their research and gain their network. By joining conference, researchers can reveal new innovations and new challenges. By knowing these advantages, nowadays there are alot of researchers who decide to organize more conference. But as we know, managing conference is found complex because it is engaged many parties such as publisher, conference management tools provider, the authors, and the institution (University/Research Institution) itself.

In this year, Universitas Sriwijaya (UNSRI) is managing International Conferences. Five of them are getting assisted and monitored by Publication Management and Services (PMS) Unsri. These five conferences are 1st Sriwijaya International Conference On Environmental Issues (1ST SRICOENV), 2nd International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (2nd ICECOS), 1st SRIWIJAYA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MEDICAL SCIENCES (1st SICMS), 4th Sriwijaya Economics, Accounting, and Business Conference (4th SEABC), and 1st International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture for Food Security and Sovereignty (1st SAFOSS).

In order to facilitate these conference organizers the best practices in managing reputable conference, PMS Unsri invited Dr. Ade Gaffar Abdullah, M.Si., who has successfully managed reputable conferences in Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung.

Dr. Ade Gaffar Abdullah, M.Si. shared his experience in managing conference, at Wisma Unsri Palembang

In this event, Dr. Ade Gaffar Abdullah said that the keys success for reputable conference are choosing the reputable conference publisher such as Matec, IEEE, IOP, AIP, and Springer. But it does not stop there, we also have to check on Scopus or Web of Science. Moreover, the other important thing to be concerned is adding professional and scientific website content (such as the use of formal and scientific English, adding important dates, presentation fee, and also the list of committee)

Dr. Ade Gaffar Abdullah, M.Si., Prof. Dr. Siti Nurmaini, M.T. (Head of PMS Unsri), and participants

He also mentioned that in managing conference, the use of conference management tool is needed. But, the right option is in the organizer’s hand because of each conference management tool has its advantages. Finally, we would like to thank all participants. We hope that all participants found the event informative and valuable and had the opportunity to reveal things to do in managing a conference.

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