[Invitation] The academic workshop: The best practices for writing academic articles

In this April, Publication Management and Services invites the lecturers and researchers in Universitas Sriwijaya to attend a worthwhile event, the academic writing workshop, themed “The academic workshop: The best practices for writing academic articles” PMS will invite Augie Widyotriatmo, Ph.D. as a speaker. He is a lecturer of Institut Teknologi Bandung and well-known as […]

Conference Management Workshop: Gain in depth-knowledge in Managing Reputable Conference

The Scientific conference aims to facilitate researchers to present their research and gain their network. By joining conference, researchers can reveal new innovations and new challenges. By knowing these advantages, nowadays there are alot of researchers who decide to organize more conference. But as we know, managing conference is found complex because it is engaged […]

Academic Writing Workshop: Getting Your Research Paper Accepted in Reputable International Conference

Academic writing is one of ways for researchers to express their research interest, expertise, and research boundaries. It is also used to a communicate the research by means it enables researchers to build a research network. In Indonesia, the reputable publication has been sounded since 2011. For some functional level such as professors, reputable publication […]

Universitas Sriwijaya Conference Management Focused Group Discussion

Just like managing a Journal, Conference Management is also found challenging. It contains set activities from paper submission, review process, final submission, payment, and generating proceeding. Paper submission starts with how an author register, how they fill the information, and how they upload the paper. So does review process, it is so difficult to manage […]