Academic Writing Workshop: Getting Your Research Paper Accepted in Reputable International Conference

Academic writing is one of ways for researchers to express their research interest, expertise, and research boundaries. It is also used to a communicate the research by means it enables researchers to build a research network. In Indonesia, the reputable publication has been sounded since 2011. For some functional level such as professors, reputable publication […]

Universitas Sriwijaya Conference Management Focused Group Discussion

Just like managing a Journal, Conference Management is also found challenging. It contains set activities from paper submission, review process, final submission, payment, and generating proceeding. Paper submission starts with how an author register, how they fill the information, and how they upload the paper. So does review process, it is so difficult to manage […]

E-Journal Management and Development using OJS 3 Focused Group Discussion

Journal management is defined as a set of activities which contain about journal submission, journal review, and as a journal repository. Managing journal becomes challenging as the number of paper gains. Those papers need to be assigned to reviewers, grouped in volume, and needed to be recalled if needed. In order to manage this requirement […]

Event Review: Clinic on Writing Reference Book

Writing a book reference is challenging activity for academia. According to, reference book is a book containing useful facts or specially organized information, as an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, yearbook, etc. This may also contain the journey of research and obviously can be used as helpful sources for supporting research and learning. Pertaining the importance of writing book, Publication and Management Services (PMS) Universitas Sriwijaya invited Dr.Eng Wisnu Jatmiko. He is […]