[Event Review] The academic workshop: The best practices for writing academic articles

In this April, Publication Management and Services (PMS) invited the lecturers and researchers in Universitas Sriwijaya to attend a worthwhile event, the academic writing workshop, themed “The academic workshop: The best practices for writing academic articles”

PMS invited Augie Widyotriatmo, Ph.D. as a speaker. He is a lecturer of Institut Teknologi Bandung and well-known as a hard work researcher and h-indexed 6. This event was held on 18-19 April 2018, at Wisma Unsri Palembang. The number of participants is 50 participants, represented their own faculty.

Augie Widyotriatmo, Ph.D. spoke about his experience in converting the research report to high-quality papers.

According to  Augie Widyotriatmo, Ph.D., before writing academic article, authors have to ensure that their paper has clear purposes. The clear purposes are:

• the goal of your paper is to answer the question you posed as your topic.
• your question gives you a purpose.
• the most common purposes: persuade, analyze/synthesize, and inform

Though the paper written with informative purpose, the paper is not just a big package of facts or summaries of sources. It must be supported by the author’s own original ideas towards the topic. The papers must be also understandable and whenever the readers read it, they do not need an extra effort to understand the presented ideas, logic, or organization.

The participants in the Academic workshop: The best practices for writing academic articles

Beside talking about the academic articles writing style, Augie also spoke about the publication ethics. As authors, the researchers must not:

  • plagiarize or claim credit for the results of others
  • misreport sources, invent data, or fake results
  • submit data whose accuracy they don’t trust, unless they say so
  • conceal objections that they cannot rebut
  • caricature or distort opposing views.
  • destroy data or conceal sources important for those who follow.

Finally, by organizing this event, PMS has facilitated all lecturers to produce a high-quality academic articles. For the supplement and documentation of the event, contact us via pms@unsri.ac.id

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